Dressing for your Body Type : Athletic Women

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers

If you have an athletic body, the world can be your oyster. I have seen all shapes to athletic bodies and some minds might go directly to more fit or skinny, but the athletic body that I am talking about it a little less curvy and more boxy. There is nothing wrong with not having curves, but we will need to discuss your shape in your pre-session consultation. With any woman, we want to show off the hourglass of your figure. Regardless of how much is actually showing naturally, it will be my job to pose you to reshape your body into a more natural pose for you while still showing off the curves that you do have. I promise you have them.

My advice for athletic women is to embrace your figure. Wear something sporty, but also remember to wear something really sexy too. In my experience, the more athletic women that I have photographed (not pictured as they wouldn’t allow for me to show them) can feel like they need to embrace their athleticism too much. This is not the case. This session should be about bringing the fire out of you and showing your sexy side.

Boy Shorts – I think boy shorts do wonders for the athletic figure because it tends to help shape the curves and create a very flattering butt picture. If you want to take the sexy route, get a pair of lace boy shorts or Cheeky..

Bra/Panty Set – Bra & Panty sets are a staple to most sessions (unless you are avoiding your tummy as I do – more on getting around that later). When you think of a bra & panty set, most don’t consider the stockings and garter belt. Adding these 2 simple items can help to break up a body that is straighter. Your best best is to stay away from the neutrals and go with more blacks or a darker color so that it helps to add the curve look to the images.