Dressing For Your Body Type : Petite Women

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers

Being a petite woman myself, I found it very difficult to shop for something that didn’t make me look stubby and short. That was my inspiration for starting this series in Dressing for your Body Type. When I did my searches, I became frustrated because I wanted to cover my baby belly with a slip or something sexy, but all the advice I saw was to buy something with a slip. First of all, I did not find that sexy on my figure at all. Second, I remember seeing my mom’s slip with a slit in it when I was really little and so I was jaded.

The more research that I did, the more I started to realize that for most body types it is about angle the photographer chooses to use in order to capture length in the petite woman’s body frame. Thus, the Petite Woman more or less needs to shop according to accentuating her assets and keep her legs uncovered from stockings.