Dressing for your body type : Plus Size

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers

I get asked what someone with a curvier or Plus Size should wear. Though I have not shot a lot (come one ladies…Let me show you how beautiful you truly are!), the ones that I have done, I have not been given permission to show so I’ll use a few sneak peaks from a post to come.

My biggest recommendation is to start with what makes you feel sexy. What do you think is the sexiest part about you? If you aren’t show, what do you notice your man commenting on the most? Let’s use that as our starting point. Find 1 outfit in your closet that will accent this asset the best. Maybe look for a fitted dress or we can do more of a glamour shot first and then go into the lingerie.

There are two school of thoughts here.. You can do more of a teddy/baby doll dress or a corset. Both of these will help to make you feel sexy and will be easier to wear.