Q. I want to give this as gift to my partner, when do I need to do the session by?
A. I recommend doing your session no later than 3-4 weeks prior to the date you plan on gifting your final product.

Q. What type of products do you have?
A. I try to keep things SUPER simple for my clients. I have albums and digital collections. You can see my current Investment Pricing Here (link).

Q. Do you do COUPLES Boudoir?
A. I do. I am still in the process of establishing my boundaries in this aspect of boudoir. These sessions typically mean more when you have them in your own home.

Q. Do you photograph men?
A. I specialize in helping women find their confidence. Being a woman, I have a hard time making men look masculine (or so my husband says). It is something that I will accept for men that consider themselves as transgender or cross dressers. There is nothing wrong with feeling sexier as a woman. I feel that exemplifies what I do.

Q. Where do you typically do these sessions?
A. My husband and I recently purchased our first home. As an unexpected bonus of finding a place that could house an office, we were also blessed with a home that has space for a home studio. We are located 2 miles from the University of Notre Dame.

Q. Can I bring a friend for moral support?
A. I completely understand wanting to have that support (I wanted it too), but it is counter productive for me to do my job to the fullest when I have help  in posing, styling, etc. I don’t even allow professionals to shadow me at weddings for this reason.

Q. Do you do hair and make-up?
A. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to offer hair & makeup at this time. I HIGHLY recommend my stylist (Racheal Fras) and the makeup artist that is also within the Sola Studio Salon (Crazy Aimee). If scheduling doesn’t work out, I also recommend Nicholas J Salon or Salon Rouge as they right around the corner from our place.

Q. Do you edit the images?
A. YES! When you first view your images, you will see them in what is called a “soft edit”. This will be color balanced, exposure corrected and skin softened. Once you’ve selected your favorite 20 (or more), I will go in and digital enhance those images to make sure you look your best without completely changing who you are.

Q. What does it mean to digitally enhance without changing who I am?
A. I will gladly push your arm or leg in that is smooshed too close to the body, for example, but I won’t go over bored. I pay close attention to your body and the way it holds it’s shape in different positions. Sometimes, a client will specifically tell me they don’t like the stomach, hips, etc (we all have something) and I will keep an eye on it while we are shooting. If I don’t give myself enough room from cropping or the angle, there is probably not enough I’ll be able to do.

Q. How many outfits should I bring?
A. Mini marathon sessions are only 1 outfit. A full one hour session is up to 3 outfits. If you are wanting to do nudes or wrap up in a white sheet, these are each considered an outfit.

Q. Do you still do the “fine art nudes” that you once had on your website?
A. Yes, however, I am re-evaluating how I want to approach them so I haven’t booked any models to add this to my update portfolio.

Q. Do you post my images online?
A. Yes and No. When you are booking your session with me, you will be given the following choices :

– to allow Photographer to images as she deems fit in a tasteful way that does not compromise the Client’s credibility.
– to allow Photographer to use any image from Client’s session during in-person client pre-consultations in the form of sample products and portfolio use not publicly displayed.
– to allow Photographer to use images that do not display Client’s face.
– to allow Photographer to use specific image #s that been picked through the Client’s online image gallery. The Photographer will email Client a list of requested images to approve or reject.
– to NOT allow Photographer to use any of the images from Client’s session.

The only added step to this that I should point out is that your images will be released to you via a password-protected online proofing gallery. Your privacy is VERY important to me so I have done all of the things that my company has instructed to make sure your gallery is unsearchable, unviewable (without the password) and will be deleted after 4 weeks.

Q. Where do you recommend I print my images?
A. I ONLY recommend doing any and ALL of your printing through MPix.com. They are a consumer lab, housed within a professional lab, and the only lab that WON’T sell your images to a third party.

Q. When do you schedule sessions?
A. Tuesdays – Thursdays 12:00-3:00pm….This can change without notice. Select Saturday and Sundays are available based on the season.

Q. How do I book my session?
A. In order to book, I require a non-refundable retainer of $150 ($75 for minis) and a contract signed online. The remaining balance is due the day of the session.