Hello, 2014!

I am so excited 2014 is here… I have been waiting for this day so I could officially set everything I’ve been working into gear and make things happen.

2013 really was a year of self discovery for me on so many levels. Not only did I separate my growing boudoir business from my wedding business, but I opened a studio. Me! The one who once worked at Picture People and swore I’d NEVER open one or work in one again. It was also a year for me personally. I did a personal project to get past the fact that we are not having any more children, I went back to my natural blonde hair after being a brunette for the last 5 years and I started to feel more confidant in my own skin.

That last one is probably the biggest deal for me. I am 26 years old, about 5′ and 110 lbs. I’ve always felt bad about not feeling sexy or for feeling like I don’t deserve to not like my body, but photographing so many amazing women this year really opened my eyes to understand that a woman’s self image sometimes needs to be given the excuse to feel confidant. This year, you all helped me. After helping so many of you find that confidence in yourself, you actually gave me the courage to embrace who I am, what I look like and feel sexy. After photographing over 115 women in my boudoir career, I finally decided to get over my fears and buy a bikini for the first time in 6 years (I have no torso and I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant with my son-you mommies understand what that does to all that skin). I felt gross and like I was saving others from having to see my stretch marks, the extra skin that just hangs there. I was sick of it and decided that this year, I am going to feel sexy.

Here’s to all of you and feeling sexy in 2014!!!

*photo credit : Kate Podjan Photography