Model : Stephanie

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers | March 26, 2013

Can I just say, Stephanie inspires me on so many levels. Not only did she touch my heart with her reason why she wanted to do a session with me, but her love for life is intoxicating. She recently lost 160 lbs (and still going) and wanted to celebrate her new body. Normally I would start a session by asking what my client wants to demphasize  but the more we talked the more we decided I would be doing minimal editing (white balance and exposure correction with some skin softening) so that she could be an encouragement to others. We decided that she would be doing more of a glamour session and because she is a singer, I turned the curtains down and she sang to me like she was on the stage. I just love all of these photos of her. Go Stephanie!