My Inspiration

I’m about to get really corny on you, but please bare with me for a minute. My inspiration is YOU!

Allow me to elaborate a little bit. If you aren’t already following my new Facebook page, I recently hosted a Model Call for 2 reasons: 1. Now that I am in a new studio, I want to update my portfolio to show off what I am doing here.. 2. Most of clients choose to allow me to only use their image with their faces not in the images. I also wanted to be able to show what I can do with my ability so I selected 4 women out of 50 applications with different features about them, but mostly their stories that touched my heart. When I talked to these women over the phone (or at least most of them), I was inspired that much more about what they had to offer.

I ask my clients really personal questions and I am always pleasantly surprised when my clients open up and answer them with complete honesty. This is such a beautiful thing to me because what I do isn’t just about photographing or making a woman feel sexy, it’s about changing the way she carries herself out of my studio differently than when she walked in. It’s about helping a woman that devotes herself to her family and career that she’s lost a little piece of her and she needs help finding it again. It’s about helping a couple put the spark back in their marriage with beautiful imagery.

So, yes, YOU are my inspiration and I am beyond HONORED to photograph each and every woman that comes through my studio doors.

south bend boudoir model call