My Journey in Boudoir, Part 1

South Bend Boudoir Photographers | December 2009

My journey in boudoir began in December of 2009. I photographed this awesome model, Mandy. It was my first session and I was completely running on imagination. At this point in my career, there wasn’t Pinterest, boudoir was kind of a hush hush type of photography so there really wasn’t inspiration or posing ideas out there. I really had to dig deep within myself and begin the process of figuring out what sex appeal means to me as an artist. Mandy was an amazing model to work with and I really enjoyed working with her. Even though I really knew nothing about how to pose a woman so she is flattered at all angles, I still love this session I did with Mandy and now I’m going to go add it to my portfolio because there are still some awesome shots in here.