My Journey in Boudoir, Part 2

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers | January 15, 2011

After doing 2 sessions in 2010 that I wasn’t allowed to share anyone, I took some of the feedback to heart. One, that kind of stung, was that they just weren’t as sexy as she was hoping. This crushed me at first, but it made me think that it was time to really consider what I wanted to do with my boudoir career. I try to take criticism to heart, even when it hurts, and use it as a growing challenge.

I took the challenge and decided that after following the Boudoir Divas, who were at the time the only ones that were marketing for their boudoir to the masses, I would do my first boudoir marathon. I teamed up with my good friend, Beth Anne Opperman, for this marathon and we booked up within 24 hours.

What a lot of people don’t know about boudoir marathons is that it’s a photographer’s way to build their portfolio and out of the 6 sessions, I was only given permission to use 2 of their sessions. Although this was completely understandable, it was kind of a bummer.

What was the biggest eye opener from these sessions was that I needed to do some more research on what a man finds sexy, how a woman taps into her sexuality and really what is flattering to a woman’s body. What I probably learned the most from these sessions was that I was trying too hard to be like the Boudoir Divas in how they were editing (HEAVY processing-at the time, they may have changed since then) and I wasn’t being true to me and my style.

My official journey had begun.