My Journey in Boudoir, Part 3

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers | February 11, 2011

Since our first marathon together was so successful, Beth Anne and I played with the idea of starting a boudoir business together. What we didn’t realize from our marathon was that we wouldn’t be able to use more than half of the images for portfolio that we wanted to use. So, naturally, we opened the floor for a contest. To be the faces of our business. We selected 3 women that we felt had the different looks that complimented all women and went to work with planning our day of shooting.

The day of the shoot was both stressful and exciting. As I mentioned before, the only photographers really pumping out the idea of boudoir for any type of assistance for photographers were The Boudoir Divas so we felt like we almost had to mimic what they were doing with their business. We transformed Beth Anne‘s basement into a make shift studio, and started to purchase clothing attire. Little did we realize just how many selections we would end up having to purchase in the end (so many different sizes, colors, and styles).

One the biggest things I learned from this specific marathon of models was that I really wanted to do this, I REALLY wanted to help women find their inner sexiness and help them to express it.

Take Amanda, for instance, she has a fire about her that makes you want to be around her. She has something about her that you feel like you’ve known her forever. You probably know someone she knows and she’ll become a fast friend. I knew Amanda was getting married and she was planning on using the images as a gift to her husband the night of their wedding so I wanted to bring a different side out of her that would be a little different than what Michael was use to. Instantly, Amanda brought all she had to the table. She had Michael in her head and wanted to create beautiful images for him. My goal with Amanda was to really turn her playful side into a sexy, alluring side. I feel that not only did we accomplish this by working together, but we were also able to exceed our own expectations.. Thank you Mandy for teaching me what inner beauty means and how to draw that out of every woman.