My Journey in Boudoir, Part 4

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers | February 11, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, I teamed up with Beth Anne for these sessions. Today, I am going to dive into what Ashley taught me..

Ashley is such an amazing woman and I have continued to work with her in my Boudoir Journey as she has been doing a lot of the hair for my clients when they request. One of the things that I loved about what Ashley brought to her session is her creativity. Being an artist herself, she had some really fun ideas of what she thought for a more Pin-Up style. Even though I don’t really do pin-up anymore, I love that I had the opportunity to work with it so I could decide if I liked it or not.

I loved working with Ashley for her shoot. She had planned on giving a book to her hubby and bringing all her sex appeal to the shoot, we decided on 3-4 looks. She brought her fellow NJS stylist with her to help switch up her hair and then hired GabGlam to come switch up her make-up in between shoots. After everything was said and done, I walked away with a new found respect for women who are confidant and strong in who they are. I have never met someone like Ashley and probably never will again. She brings a certain element to the room that is both uplifting as well as comforting. I think that because of her profession, she knows how to make a woman feel great about themselves (and I should know because she has done that for me for the last 2-3 years). She has taught me how to find a spark inside a woman and ignite it with confidence. Thank you, Ashley, for being such an amazing woman and teaching me how to encourage women to bring out their sassy side.