My Journey in Boudoir, Part 5

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers | February 11, 2011

Last week, I talked about working with Ashley & Amanda during my model sessions when I worked with Beth Anne on a new business adventure together. Jennifer was the last shoot of the day so I got to play a little more with her before Beth Anne’s hubby came home from his run. It was a lot of fun to work with Jennifer because she has a wild side to her that let me play a little more with what I could do in terms of posing, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

For Jennifer, I wanted to show to work with a few different poses that I hadn’t really done before as well as the quote “safe” photos. I emphasized the “quote” because that is what they are, they are safe. They are the photos that all boudoir photographers feel the need to do because that’s what the Boudoir Divas were preaching at the time.

I think what I learned the most from Jennifer’s shoot was that I wasn’t afraid to tell a woman to pose the way I wanted her to and not care of how uncomfortable it is because the most uncomfortable sessions were honestly my favorite images from the shoot. Thank you Jennifer for being such a firecracker to work with and teaching me to bring that out of myself so I can do my job better.