New Online Image Viewing Policies

South Bend Boudoir Photographers

First of all, I want to stress that from what we were able to see, there were no client images stolen from our online boudoir galleries. My husband, being the fabulous IT that he is, has educated me enough that our protocols with passwords and expiring galleries helped us combat a group of hackers that has spent the better part of their lives over the last 18 months trying to hack into Boudoir Photographers’ online galleries. Though they have put their once public forum thread behind a paid wall, we are confidant that after working with our online proofing company and doing a little back end scouting none of our images were stolen. WHEW!

I am not afraid in educating my clients in this matter as these images are sensitive matters and we take this issue seriously. We have taken extra precaution in the matter and have taken down ALL of the online Boudoir galleries in our online proofing site. As I have mentioned to many, I have never known how long I should keep my boudoir images and I think it’s time to finally go through sessions and contact EACH client and see if they are interested in keeping their own session records. I will only be keeping copies of what is online as these were expressed by clients okay to be seen. If you are a client, please keep your eye out on your inbox so we can work together in order to get the best outcome from your sessions.

Moving forward….All images MUST be seen in the studio in order to place any orders. Images will NOT be uploaded to an online proofing gallery for viewing. Images will be deleted from Photographer’s hard drive 3 months following the session date.

If you have any questions, please email me at

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