Setting The Mood

Boudoir photography is all about capturing the mood of confidence, beauty, intimacy, seduction, and tasteful provocativeness.

With a reputable photographer, this is all done while maintaining your privacy and adhering to your comfort level.  In our pre-session consultation (either in person or over the phone) I will be asking about your favorite color, what makes you feel sexy, what you were thinking of wearing, who your favorite actress is, what you are envisioning for your session, and what makes you feel confident.  All of these answers will help me not only to get a feel for what you like, but how I can help to set the overall mood for the session.

On the day of your appointment, I suggest that you arrive well rested and relaxed.  Try to have everything double checked and ready the night before and make sure that you leave plenty of time to arrive to the salon.  Arrive with a freshly washed and moisturized face and dry hair so that my hair stylist/makeup artist can start your pampering right away.  When you arrive to the studio, you will be coming to my brand new studio in downtown south bend.

Once we’ve gone through your wardrobe, you can show me any ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, but I will admit upfront that I will never duplicate an image and cannot promise I will remember an image shown to me once I start getting into the flow of making you work it in front of my camera.

This experience is all about you and focusing on your beauty and grace.  I can promise that we are going to have a lot of fun!


*content purchased through The Shoppe Designs.. We proudly honor their copyright and all content in this post is the copyright of The Shoppe Design and is meant to help the Boudoir by Katie client to prepare for their session.