Gold Spaghetti Strap Open Back Sequins Bodycon Dress from Romwe01. Glamour.

Glamour sessions are a great way to get into the studio and find your confidence. These sessions are designed for women who are looking for an excuse to remind themselves how beautiful they truly are (without taking their clothes off). The best outfits are a cocktail dress or anything with sparkle but specifically something that makes you feel like you can take on the world. – via Romwe

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02. Feminine.

Feminine sessions are the halfway point from Glamour to Sultry and are designed to embody woman’s feminine spirit. The best lingerie tends to be lace, vintage and understated. The idea is to pull your own sensuality out and let that shine more than the lingerie. – via Nasty Gal

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03. Sultry.

Sultry sessions are the most popular sessions booked here at KWP. Most women come back asking for help in getting their boudoir images to the next level, to keep booking themselves. Coming back to boudoir after taking 2015 off, I wanted to push myself with my work as well. Sultry sessions are designed to find not only your sensuality but your sexuality as well. – via Yandy

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