What to Wear – Butts

South Bend, Indiana Boudoir Photographers

Most guys are either butt or boob guys, but to break it down, we will start with the butt. There are a few misconceptions on how to really show off the booty. Most men that are butt guys will have a bigger response to maybe a thong vs. a boy short or a bikini style. HOWEVER, I think the perfect in between (you comfort level, making your booty look awesome, and satisfying your man’s desires) is the cheeky. It shows off the right amount of booty whether you have a booty or not and it still has that similar effect to the thong. If you do NOT have a booty, or it’s not as toned as you’d like it to be, I would cover it a little more. The thing with photography is the illusion. You will need to stick that booty out and the illusion of covering it a little more will give your butt that roundness that attracts men to the butt.

Remember, you want to satisfy their desires, but unless you have the right panties to capture the desired effect, you will not have an image that says “DAMN!”